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About Ourselves

Mental, as an icecream brand has come a long way. Fast moving ahead with its path-breaking innovations.

Mental has been spreading smiles and sweetness, Which is started as an Icecream brand, and become a reason to celebrate life for millions across the city.

Acknowledging health concerns of its customers, Mental also pioneered the production of low fat and sugar free Icecream in Central India. To supply fresh products across all states, the Company has plants at Raipur (Chhattisgarh) with a combined production capacity of 1,00,000 litres a day.

Keeping with the times and changing tastes of customers, Mental, as an icecream brand has come a long way. Fast moving ahead with its path-breaking innovations, strategic road map and fruitful partnerships, Mental is all set to become India's most loved icecream brand, a delicious treat that will be served by people of all age groups.

Our Staff

Working at Mental is the ultimate first job experience,and offers you room to grow.

At Mental, we have a passion for delivering irresistible treats, smiles and fun for the entire neighbourhood. From the moment you walk through the door, you're surrounded by the smell of our freshly baked waffle cones, lively music and your fellow crew members, or should we say, your new friends.

Working at Mental is the ultimate first job experience, and offers you room to grow. Many of the employees who began their first job with us are still working here. Plus, you could have the opportunity to exercise your creativity by decorating cakes, work on your interpersonal skills with our customers and even work on your managerial skills.


Banjara Retail Shop [In 1991]

Banjara first opened its doors in Rewa's fashionable lanes in 1991. The store in Rewa dedicated to high end, luxury fashion. We are fastidious about our products and proud of its achievements. We are also sharply focused on its goals and are confident of its ability to achieve them and also we are very ambitious, and constantly challenge the established clothing habits of our consumers.

Banjara Plywood [In 2003]

After successfully running the clothing store, We stepped towards the plywood business. Banjara plywood has been a leading trading house in Rewa, since 2003. They uniquely placed to offer the widest range of products at the best of prices to the customers.

Rooplaxmi Industries India Pvt. Ltd. [In 2011]

Next step is towards the steel industries in 2011. Rooplaxmi Industries India Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturer and distributor of Mild Steel Ingots. The company is lead by energetic directors with over a decade of steel industry experience and is well supported by experienced & qualified managerial & technical staff and skilled labors. The production plant is equipped with modern production equipment, testing and quality assurance facilities and employs a dedicated team to ensure quality production to the discerning buyer.

Motil Devi Organic Food Industry Pvt. Ltd. [In 2014]

Motil Devi Organic Food Industry Pvt. Ltd. is to produce the highest quality icecream and provide it in at the most competitive prices possible. They evaluate quality in terms of nutrition, freshness, appearance, and taste. And their search of quality is a never – ending process involving the careful judgment of buyers throughout the company.

Hukumat Ray Food Pvt. Ltd. [In 2014]

Hukumat Ray Food Pvt. Ltd. is best processed Food Company by producing superior quality products and services. The quality of their products is the result of a well established culture which drives our operation in delivering superior quality product.

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